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Reach A Hand Uganda’s Statement on UK’s proposed Reduction in Funding for Family Planning

Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES) through the financial support from UN Women under both Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund and Spotlight Initiatives is implementing a two years project named “Ending School Related-Gender-Based Violence” in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The overall aim of this is to promote the right of refugee adolescent girls to access education free from all forms of violence and discrimination. The purpose is to increase the number of adolescent girls enrolling and completing education as well as girls involved in decision making processes in the community and school management. The project also intends to change the attitudes and behaviors of adolescent girls, boys, parents, communities and officials in relation to adolescent girls’ right to education, gender and sexual reproductive health.

In order to catalyze changes, this two years project target 12 primary schools within Dzaleka Refugee Camp. It aims directly to reach 2,500 schoolgirls as well as indirectly reach 40,000 refugees living in Dzaleka Camp and the surrounding communities.

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As the global COVID-19 pandemic escalates and we all stand together in solidarity, please support women and girls in Dzaleka Refugee Camp who are enduring unthinkable challenges as they face this crisis.

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