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Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES) has been supporting refugees in Dzaleka Camp in different aspects of development for more than five years. We do this by investing in providing access to girls’ education, training vulnerable and highly marginalized refugee women in vocational, financial literacy and business, preventing and responding to Gender-Based Violence, and working to improve refugee women’s and girls’ health

During this time of COVID-19 outbreak, we are responding by adapting our current programs and implementing new remote approaches to ensure we address the immediate and medium impacts of the outbreak in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and Surroundings. Refugee women, girls and gender non-conforming groups suffer most during emergencies, so we’re striving to ensure their needs are addressed and not left behind. Donors often provide restricted funding to programs that leaves large gaps in organizations’ budgets, shying away from unrestricted funding that allows our organizations to decide how best to use our funds.

Our response is tailored towards the most vulnerable and highly marginalized refugee women, girls and gender non-conforming groups in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and surroundings.

We are currently focusing on the following: a) Distributing hygiene equipment and supplies to the refugees at high risk of COVID-19 in Dzaleka Camp ( single mothers, women with many children, women with disabilities, older people and non-conforming gender groups) comprising hand washing buckets, soaps, reusable face masks and hand sanitizers in order to encourage them develop good hygiene practices.

a) Develop and disseminate COVID-19 and Gender-Based violence prevention messages through local radio (Yetu Community Radio), megaphones, WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, Messengers groups, and other relevant platforms in order to encourage refugee communities to observe social distancing and to stay home and inside the camp and, minimize the risk and impact posed by this disease on refugee women, girls and gender non-conforming groups. b) Distributing awareness raising flyers and posters in local languages to spread correct information on how COVID-19 is transmitted and how to protect from it. c) Distributing emergency food provisions to the most affected families including maize flour, beans, rice, cooking oils, sugar to help them get through the Coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to all our donors!

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As the global COVID-19 pandemic escalates and we all stand together in solidarity, please support women and girls in Dzaleka Refugee Camp who are enduring unthinkable challenges as they face this crisis.

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